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Hormones In Abundance – ”Old people are people too EP”

hia-ep.jpgEver since we got the first CDR from Patrik Lindgren, the guy behind the name Hormones In Abundance, we wanted to release an EP with his songs, and in 2004 it finally happened. Due to many reasons it took a long time before it eventually came out, but when it did, it was really worth the wait! The eight songs are brilliant, with one side of the single containing electric songs, and the other side acoustic songs, and the sleeve looks amazing, with Lina Yvesand’s great sleeve design on the front and back. She also helps out with some singing on the single, for example on ”Fun in town”. The song ”Lina’s 20th birthday” is about her, too.
As I mentioned in the post about the Handsome Train EP, we stamped all the labels by hand, which was very tiring. So, with the next 7″, the White Town one, we made the labels in the Czech Republic instead…
Since this EP was released, Patrik has continued to make more great music, but he has switched to writing lyrics in Swedish, and also changed the name of his band to Ring Snuten! (which means ”Call the cops!”). Eventually, we are hoping to release some of those songs on Snow Day Records too. Watch for the latest news.
There are still copies left of this EP, so e-mail us at to buy your copy!

01. ”Silent obligations”
02. ”Bad songs, bad people”
03. ”Lina’s 20th birthday”
04. ”Fun in town”
05. ”Everything to win”
06. ”Enough reason”
07. ”The leftout breakup breakdown”
08. ”Dangerous arms”


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Nixon – ”Only ugly people smoke”

only-ugly-fram.jpgIn early 2003, we got an e-mail from Mike of the US label Blackbean & Placenta, asking us if we wanted to buy the remaining 100 copies of Nixon’s debut album ”Only ugly people smoke”, which he released back in 2000. The reason was that he was going to let the label die, and he wanted to get rid of all the CD’s in his wardrobe. At first we hesitated a bit, as we just wanted to release 7″ singles, but the price was a bargain, and we knew we could easily get them sold, as the original release was out of stock. So, we said yes, and a few weeks later we had a box of a little more than 100 CD’s on our living room floor. There was no sleeve for any of them, so we had to make a new one, using the same cover design as the original release, but with a new back sleeve. We also wrote ”indiepop reissue series” on the front, which was part joke and part something that we wanted to do. If the label would have carried on for a bit longer, maybe we could have released some more ”out of stock classics”. But as of now, the series only contains one CD, but a good one it is!
This CD is hopefully sold out, sorry! You might try some mailorders, or maybe SoulSeek.

01. ”Teardrop collector”
02. ”Still in love tomorrow”
03. ”The story of the blues”
04. ”Let’s make the best out of our lives”
05. ”Pop friends”
06. ”Sunshine girl”
07. ”If you loved me”
08. ”Undevoted friend”
09. ”Together in electric dreams” (A cover of the Moroder/Oakey song from the great movie ”Electric dreams”.)
10. ”Your letters”
11. ”Boy”

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Handsome Train – ”Pop EP”

Handsome Train - Pop EP Shortly after releasing the ”Hit music only” compilation CD, we saw Handsome Train (one of the bands on there) perform live here in Halmstad for the first time, and we were totally blown away. We just couldn’t understand that such a good band could come from this town (which is otherwise mostly known for Per Gessle and Roxette when it comes to music)… Among the songs they played during that gig were ”Pop” and ”Riot girls”, two songs that made us suggest a 7″ EP to be released on Heavenly Pop Hits later that same year. They happily agreed, and went to a studio just outside Falkenberg (a studio owned by one of the quite horrible comedians Stefan & Krister) to record five new songs for the single.
In November we planned a release party at the venue Rockstugan in Halmstad, but since the records were a little delayed from the Czech Republic, we sadly couldn’t sell the EP that night, but they played anyway, and it was as good as ever! A week later the plastic pieces arrived, in 300 copies. With all the orders we included a badge with the same design as the sleeve, but in black and white instead of yellow and black.
As we had decided to make the single as cheap as possible, we didn’t make the label design with the Czechs. Instead we bought a rubber stamp and started to stamp every label with the name of the band and the single, plus the song titles for each side. Looking back, this wasn’t a brilliant idea, but we did repeat it later when we released the Hormones In Abundance EP. Don’t ask me why…
Handsome Train later went on to record a lot of fantastic songs, some of them released on the CDR ”This engine will do” on the Popkonst label. But there are a lot of songs that just needs to be released, so if maybe Snow Day Records will release a retrospective sometime…

01. ”Pop”
02. ”I want you to know”
03. ”Everyone says hi”
04. ”Riot girls”
05. ”In this time”

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Hit Music Only – A Heavenly Pop Hits Compilation

Hit Music Only - A Heavenly Pop Hits Compilation The idea for this, our first release, came in the year 2000, when I received some MP3 files from a guy in the Philippines who called himself The Fantasy Lights. I played them to Marie, and we both thought that these were to good not to be released, so we decided to start our own label, with the goal to release these fine tunes on a 7″ piece of plastic. But making vinyl singles isn’t free, so we had to get some money first, and to get that, we planned a compilation CD with some great artists and bands from all over the world. First we asked some friends of ours, and they agreed to participate. Then we e-mailed some of our favourite bands too, and to our surprise, many of them wanted to send us a song!

But it took some time to get all the 21 songs for the CD, so it wasn’t until May 2002 that ”Hit music only” came to us from the pressing plant in Lund. We made 500 copies of the CD, with about 150 going away to the bands that participated. The remaining 350 copies were sold from our website and through various mailorders, and two years later, it was sold out. Actually, we have managed to find some spare copies, so if you want your own copy of this CD, drop us a line at orders@snowdayrecords.

01. ”Blueprint” – The Fantasy Lights (The reason we started HPH…)
02. ”Tell me” – Dennis Driscoll (An unreleased song from Dennis)
03. ”Miss me” – Fragile (Unreleased song from this great British band)
04. ”Pointless art” – Lucy Electric (Electro-pop from Sweden, previously released on a fanzine freebie)
05. ”Sex is boring” -ballboy (Unreleased when ”HMO” came out, but now it’s available on the ”Club Anthems 2001” CD. Buy that one!)
06. ”The sharks” – The School Uniforms (Great song from a Love Letter Band member. Previously released on the album ”Some oxbow” on URU Music.)
07. ”Jessica Pancakes” – The Parcels (This band is no more, which is sad. We were supposed to get a new song from them, but then the producer disappeared with all the tapes. This song was taken from the ”Have a go with the Parcels” on Brentwood Estates label.)
08. ”Rubinoos t-shirt” – Hormones In Abundance (The first song officially released by Patrik. We later released the first 7″ single with his songs too. Nowadays he makes music in Swedish, calling himself Ring Snuten!)
09. ”Weekend travel” – Winter Vacation (Unreleased song from David. Great one, too!)
10. ”Please mister postman” – Dorotea (The first official release by Dorotea. Mikael, the singer, is now making music under the name The Honeydrips.)
11. ”Give to you” – Remington Super 60 (The only Norwegian band on the compilation. This song was previously released as the b-side to the band’s 7″ single ”Lost Kid” on Myke Droner.)
12. ”Every week” – The Happy Birthdays (The first appearance by this Stockholm band. Later released a CDR on Popkonst Recordings.)
13. ”That shining smile” – Ant (Unreleased song from the former Hefner drummer. This song was later re-released on the compilation ”Sad to see it’s morning”, collecting all of Ant’s singles and compilation tracks.)
14. ”Only one life” – The Future (Fantastic New Musik-ish song from this Stockholm duo.)
15. ”He will break your heart again” – Nixon (Unreleased song, later appeared on the compilation CDR ”Crazy, sexy,cool” on Popkonst Recordings.)
16. ”Waiting gift” – Sodastream (An early recording, previously released on a compilation CD that came out in the band’s hometown.)
17. ”Just one more thing” – Dear Nora (Great acoustic song, previously released on the 6-track 7″ EP ”Dreaming out loud” on Magic Marker Records.)
18. ”Black letter boxing” – Eisenhower (The first song released by this Halmstad-based one-man band. A compilation of his best songs is coming out shortly on Snow Day Records. Check it out!)
19. ”Pretentious girl” – Free Loan Investments (Previously released on the free 7″ single released by the Socialism label. That single is now a collector’s item.)
20. ”T.r.o.u.b.l.e.” – Avocado Baby (Great song by Milky Wimpshake-Pete’s other band. This song was available on a split single with Tullycraft, released on Guitar Mania.)
21. ”September” – Handsome Train (New song by Handsome Train, from Halmstad. Originally we had a recording slated for this CD with only John and Mårten playing, but then Sara and Linnea joined the band just before we were sending the CD to the pressing plant, so they recorded this new version in a hurry. It turned out great, though! Sadly, this band is no more…)

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