About Heavenly Pop Hits

Heavenly Pop Hits was founded in 2001 by Tommy Gunnarsson and Marie Sörensen, but they didn’t release their first record until May 2002, when the compilation CD ”Hit music only” was released in 500 copies. Since then, the label has released four records, three 7″ singles (by Handsome Train, Hormones In Abundance and White Town) and one more CD album, a re-release of Nixon’s debut album ”Only ugly people smoke”. The main goal for the label was to release great music on 7″ singles, and in late 2006, they decided to put Heavenly Pop Hits to sleep, much due to Marie moving to England.

Tommy is now managing the new label Snow Day Records together with Sandra Neergaard-Petersen. They are mainly releasing CDR’s with handmade sleeves. More information can be found on http://www.snowdayrecords.se.



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