Nixon – ”Only ugly people smoke”

only-ugly-fram.jpgIn early 2003, we got an e-mail from Mike of the US label Blackbean & Placenta, asking us if we wanted to buy the remaining 100 copies of Nixon’s debut album ”Only ugly people smoke”, which he released back in 2000. The reason was that he was going to let the label die, and he wanted to get rid of all the CD’s in his wardrobe. At first we hesitated a bit, as we just wanted to release 7″ singles, but the price was a bargain, and we knew we could easily get them sold, as the original release was out of stock. So, we said yes, and a few weeks later we had a box of a little more than 100 CD’s on our living room floor. There was no sleeve for any of them, so we had to make a new one, using the same cover design as the original release, but with a new back sleeve. We also wrote ”indiepop reissue series” on the front, which was part joke and part something that we wanted to do. If the label would have carried on for a bit longer, maybe we could have released some more ”out of stock classics”. But as of now, the series only contains one CD, but a good one it is!
This CD is hopefully sold out, sorry! You might try some mailorders, or maybe SoulSeek.

01. ”Teardrop collector”
02. ”Still in love tomorrow”
03. ”The story of the blues”
04. ”Let’s make the best out of our lives”
05. ”Pop friends”
06. ”Sunshine girl”
07. ”If you loved me”
08. ”Undevoted friend”
09. ”Together in electric dreams” (A cover of the Moroder/Oakey song from the great movie ”Electric dreams”.)
10. ”Your letters”
11. ”Boy”



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