Hormones In Abundance – ”Old people are people too EP”

hia-ep.jpgEver since we got the first CDR from Patrik Lindgren, the guy behind the name Hormones In Abundance, we wanted to release an EP with his songs, and in 2004 it finally happened. Due to many reasons it took a long time before it eventually came out, but when it did, it was really worth the wait! The eight songs are brilliant, with one side of the single containing electric songs, and the other side acoustic songs, and the sleeve looks amazing, with Lina Yvesand’s great sleeve design on the front and back. She also helps out with some singing on the single, for example on ”Fun in town”. The song ”Lina’s 20th birthday” is about her, too.
As I mentioned in the post about the Handsome Train EP, we stamped all the labels by hand, which was very tiring. So, with the next 7″, the White Town one, we made the labels in the Czech Republic instead…
Since this EP was released, Patrik has continued to make more great music, but he has switched to writing lyrics in Swedish, and also changed the name of his band to Ring Snuten! (which means ”Call the cops!”). Eventually, we are hoping to release some of those songs on Snow Day Records too. Watch http://www.snowdayrecords.se for the latest news.
There are still copies left of this EP, so e-mail us at orders@snowdayrecords.se to buy your copy!

01. ”Silent obligations”
02. ”Bad songs, bad people”
03. ”Lina’s 20th birthday”
04. ”Fun in town”
05. ”Everything to win”
06. ”Enough reason”
07. ”The leftout breakup breakdown”
08. ”Dangerous arms”



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